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Monday, November 22, 2010

Do You Save the Best for Last?

My (ahem) scientific study, for which I'm going to enlist your assistance, dear, gentle reader, involves one of those universal questions that may have great import for the future of civilisation as we know it!

And it's this:

When you sit down to your dinner of meat and three veg, do you eat your favourite food first, or do you save it till last?

I know, I know ... It's quite staggering that no-one up till now has thought to conduct a scientific investigation into this complex question ... But that's why I'm here -- to ask the difficult questions.

The Love of My Life grew up having to eat his vegetables first and saving the meat till last ... but my philosophy had always been to eat what you enjoyed first, because then if you were full, you could leave the things you didn't like as much on your plate.

I remember reading an article once that postulated that many of the eating problems of Westernised children stem from the practice of their parents coaxing them to eat their vegetables before they could have dessert -- the clear implication being that dessert was the reward for tolerating the nasty vegetables. Not terribly sensible when you come to think about it, is it?

Children these days don't know how lucky they are, when you think of all the wonderful vegetables we have to choose from. Not like in the Olden Days when we were limited to potatoes, bitter pumpkins, ditto carrots, vile parsnips, swedes and turnips.

Now there are lots of lovely varieties of these old vegies, plus fresh supplies of things we only ever got in tins when I was a child (mushrooms and asparagus spring to mind) and then all the salad vegetables and sprouts and ...

So here's your chance to set the record straight ... Add your comment below so we can find out once and for all: Do you save the best for last?

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