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Monday, December 03, 2007

Your Life on a Milk Carton!

As we sat breaking our fast one morning last week, the Love of My Life and I let our collective gazes rest momentarily on the milk container sitting prettily on the bench between us ... No, before you ask, it wasn't a dainty, antique glass jug, nor even a quirky, countrified pottery jug, it was more in the nature of a ... ummm ... plastic bottle. Well, who has room in the fridge at this festive time of year for a milk jug as well as the original container?

So there we were, perusing the label when the LoML commented that we should do the same ...


Write a list of ingredients?

Design a logo?

"No," said he. "We should try to write a milk-carton bio!"

For, while I'd been gazing restfully at the back of the carton, he'd been looking at the side view, and the milk we buy (from the sole remaining all-Australian-owned company) currently has 75-word bios of farmers who (we're led to believe) spend their entire lives rearing cute cows to provide milk just for us.

So, your mission today, Boys and Girls, is to come up with a 75-word bio of your time here on planet Earth.

Here are some tips on streamlining your words.

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