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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Most Beautiful Word in English


This is "any of various chiefly Mediterranean plants of the genera Asphodeline and Asphodelus having linear leaves and racemes of white or pink or yellow flowers" and Wilfred Funk listed it as the most beautiful word in the English language. (Yes, that Wilfred Funk of Funk and Wagnall's fame).

The others he fancied are as follows: fawn, dawn, chalice, anemone, tranquil, hush, golden, halcyon, camellia, bobolink, thrush, chimes, murmuring, lullaby, luminous, damask, cerulean, melody, marigold, jonquil, oriole, tendril, myrrh, mignonette, gossamer, alysseum, mist, oleander, amaryllis, rosemary

Lots of flowers in there, but not the one I happen to think is lovely, and that's carnation.

I've always liked the word as well as the flower and the smell! There's something wonderful about the spicy scent of old-fashioned carnations, don't you think?

What's your favourite word ... and why?


Blogger Katy said...

My favorite word is Ennui, I like the way it sounds, "Goes trippingly on the tongue...."

Fri. Jun. 24, 11:49:00 am AEST  
Anonymous Nancy Masters said...

My favorite word naturally fits my favorite mood, and location both physically and mentally since I am an airplane pilot: UP! Say it or write it and you will be it!

Sat. Jun. 25, 06:43:00 am AEST  
Blogger Krupa said...

halcyon... adj... describes a period of idylc calm... taken from the name of a mythic bird that made its nest on the sea during the winter solstace, calming the waves.

Wed. Jun. 29, 06:35:00 am AEST  
Blogger Bron Smith said...

Thnaks for the beautiful word information. I had heard that the word "anemone" is considered one of the most beautiful words in the English language. Your blog confirmed it for me. I will be using the word and illustrating it in the next webisode of my online feature entitled The Trowbridge Chronicles. I should be ready to post the next episode by Tuesday night, if all goes well. Each episode of Trowbridge is very time consuming. Thanks again...I enjoyed reading your blog.

Mon. May 01, 01:37:00 pm AEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I certainly love Oleander...quite close to my Christian name Alexander

Thu. Dec. 14, 03:19:00 am AEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had heard that Anemone was the winner. It's certainly less harsh sounding than Asphodel anyway.

Wed. Aug. 06, 05:01:00 am AEST  
Blogger ryan said...

shouldn't beautiful be the most beautiful word.i mean if its the most beautiful this says it all...

Sat. Sep. 27, 09:24:00 am AEST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Elegy", without doubt.

Sun. Feb. 22, 10:53:00 am AEST  
Blogger happy said...

i love to say "anemone" is good word of the english . i love reading english.

Mon. Jun. 29, 04:30:00 pm AEST  

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