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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Pun! A Pun? My Kingdom for a Pun!

We all love puns ... those wonderfully witty plays on words.

So let's see how active your little grey cells are at the moment ... I've posted a list of homonyms from Alan Cooper's wonderful list below and your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to come up with some puns using some or all of the words listed.

Easy peasy!

The prize is a copy of my modestly named quiz book: A Word for Everything. This is a collection of quizzes gleaned from my newsletters from the past 6 years.

To enter, just click the Add Comment link, enter your pun (don't forget your name and country).

IMPORTANT: make sure when setting up your account with blogger that you allow me to email you.

The List ... use some or all of these in your pun:

brewed - fermented
brood - family

carat - unit of weight for precious stones, equal to 200 milligrams
caret - proofreader's insertion mark
carrot - edible orange root
karat - one 24th part of otherwise pure gold

cereal - grains
serial - numbers in sequence

dual - two things
duel - a fight between two over honor

elicit -to draw out
illicit - unlawful

ewes - more than one female sheep
use - to apply
yews - more than one yew tree

might - possible
mite - tiny creature

place - a location
plaice - a flounder

taper - edge-shaped
tapir - hoglike, Malaysian mammal

verses - paragraphs
versus - against

whirred - made a whizzing or buzzing sound
word - a speech sound

(Homonyms and definitions from:

OK ... off you go ...


Blogger Maitiu said...


The follow up to "The Silence of the Lambs" is to be called "Ewes are Next!"

Warm Regards, Jennny.

Maitiu, Dublin,

Fri. Apr. 22, 04:56:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

As a drink, Guinness is a brewed apart...

If I have to elaborate on this, it isn't working. ;-))

Maitiu, Dublin

Fri. Apr. 22, 04:59:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

The 70 year old codger asked the 20 year old "fine thing", would she marry him if he dangled a carat under her nose.

Fri. Apr. 22, 05:02:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

Two drivers raced each other on the Duel Carriageway...

..hey, I just realised that it's after 8am and I have work to do...CUL.....

But I've started the ball rolling.
love the idea.

Maitiu, Dublin

Fri. Apr. 22, 05:05:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

The baby took a mitey gulp of food. I can do on a poor diet...This blessed thing has gotten into my head...

Maitiu, Dublin

Fri. Apr. 22, 05:09:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

Sheakespeare verses Bacon is one of the arguments of the ages.

...I really must get some work done.....Go Away, Jennifer!....

Maitiu, Dublin

Fri. Apr. 22, 05:12:00 pm AEST  
Blogger dlynn said...

they planned to use the ewe to fertilize the yew.

Sat. Apr. 23, 05:50:00 am AEST  
Blogger dlynn said...

Ok, maybe it will take more than one.

I plan to use ewes to fertilize my yews.

Sat. Apr. 23, 05:58:00 am AEST  
Anonymous Sheila, Canary Islands said...

Beer makes me brewedy

Sheila, Canary Islands

Sat. Apr. 23, 06:58:00 am AEST  
Blogger Sheila, Canary Islands said...

A cockroach and a dust mite were arguing about the theory of relativity. Mite was right.

Sheila, Canary Islands

Sat. Apr. 23, 08:56:00 pm AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

The Colorado Beetle is a cereal killer.

Maitiu , Dublin

Tue. Apr. 26, 05:01:00 am AEST  
Blogger Maitiu said...

On the slippery surface, the fisherman floundered around the plaice.

Maitiu, Dublin

Tue. Apr. 26, 05:03:00 am AEST  

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